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"The human mind treats a new idea the way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it."

        -Biologist P.B. Medawar

  "Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one."     
          -Bruce Lee


 CHRONIC ILLNESS TO HEALTH-HOW TO GET THERE-The goal of this site is to be educational and informative. Access to information in this age is not difficult, but gaining access to unbiased detailed and comprehensive research can be. This is so important when a client has a chronic illness with different diagnoses from sometimes 10 or more practioner's which is not uncommon. The goal of this site is not to diagnosis but to put accurate information in your hands so you can get the care you need. 

EXPERIENCE COUNTS-Would you want a surgeon just out of medical school to perform a surgery on you, I hope not. It's no different when choosing a functional medicine practioner.  With my 29 years of exposure in the field of Osteopathy, Functional Medicine and complimentary care techniques, my hope is that I can steer you in the right direction. The reason people are having such difficulty is because “chronic illness” has a multifactorial, multisystem involvement and diagnosis is difficult. Chronic illness, degenerative diseases and autoimmunity are growing among all age groups. The individual must be evaluated as a whole, meaning every system needs to be evaluated, Neuro/Endocrine and Immune systems.

POOR LIFESTYLE HABITS AND TOXIN EXPOSURE-Environmental toxic loads, chronic infections, unresolved psycho-emotional stresses are creating the diseases of the 21st century. Add in poor dietary, lifestyle habits, certain genotypes (genetic predispositions) and we have a perfect storm, a tipping point where the body can no longer compensate. The acute care and surgical techniques in this country are the best in the world but long term chronic illnesses and the symptom/drug health care model used for acute care today it is no longer up to the challenge to deal with long term degenerative chronic illness.

LEADING EXPERTS IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE-The NIH (National Institute of Health) states that lifestyle and dietary habits should be at the forefront of an individual’s health care regime. I agree and I can tell you that there is scientific data from numerous studies showing that we can use those concepts, functional medicine and complimentary care to go even further, to rebalance and recreate homeostasis in the chronically ill patient. It is time that we use all the technology that we have available through allopathic and complimentary care to eliminate an individual’s suffering. The scientific community is deeply concerned about antibiotic resistant microorganisms, a warming planet giving birth to new strains. An extremely high load of environmental toxins is leading to improper gene expression, leading to the chronic illnesses we are seeing today.

ADVANCED RESEARCH-I will be presenting information on this site for you to utilize as well as links to physicians I have had the privilege of being exposed to that are leading the field in the understanding of chronic illness.  Acupuncturists, biologic dentistry which is so important and of course the work that is being done in my office will be available to you. This site is in its infancy so I will be updating as time allows and a blog where information can be exchanged among individuals.

The responsibility is yours to proceed and never give up because I refuse to. So enjoy this site and hopefully it can help you and your family achieve the goal of optimum health!

James Stivaly L.M.T.      





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